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I’m inspired by my childhood memories, children’s books I read in my young age. I grew up in a house full of patterns. My room was decorated with panda wallpaper, the walls in the living room had blue flowers bigger than my head , even the floor was dressed in Mexican cosmos flowers tile. I was lucky to live near the zoo since I was a kid, I love to draw animals so much! 

Ever since I remembered, I was fascinated by wallpapers and all kinds of tiles. Creating repeat patterns brings me so much delight! I usually create with iPad pro based on my hand drawn sketches, than make them into repeats in Photoshop. I also like to play with different media such as gouache, watercolor, collage and ink, and mix them together.

I enjoy working with kidswear, kids home decor or stationery, my inner child is most happy when creating cute animals doing things.  I bring a personal and effective approach to every project I work on, which is why my clients love me and why they keep coming back.


肯妮喜歡創作充滿童趣的動物圖案,自從有了寶寶,作品更富有屬於孩子的想像力,讓人忍不住嘴角上揚,就像她的品牌Canigrin,Can I grin?友善又有個性的小動物和大膽的用色,很容易感受到肯妮想分享的歡樂氣氛。對她來說,畫畫是最快樂的事,她的熱情和活力就像她的作品給人充滿希望的感覺,她說,「我會一直創作直到九十歲都沒問題!」

肯妮的客戶包括Flow Magazine, 10|10 Hope, Goodglas好玻。

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My dinosaurs design collaborate with Goodglas


MFA of Visual Communication, Institute of Applied Art, NCTU
MA of English Literature, Foreign Languages Department, NCTU

Graduate of Make Art That Sells courses 

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